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With the improvement of living standards, customization, especially high-end customization, has gradually come into people's vision and become a new demand. Compared with traditional ties, customized Silk Tie Made in China can place the LOGO of your own enterprise and the pattern you want, which can be said to be very considerate. Today, what are the customized processes of Silk Tie Made in China?

What is the process of tie customization?
First of all, find a professional tie customization enterprise, it should be noted that many enterprises custom ties are required to order the moQ, the moQ is large, the best customized enterprises have experienced sales manager to discuss the customization needs with you, and give professional advice.

What is the process of tie customization?
If you determine the style, fabric, pattern and so on in advance, it will be faster to design, and you can also recommend it by customized enterprises. Combining your own ideas and the opinions of designers, the ideal tie will be clearly expressed.

What is the process of tie customization?
At present, the common size of the necktie in the market is between 145CM, and the commonly used process includes printing and jacquard. Printing is directly digitally printed on the necktie, and jacquard is relatively more textured. Of course, it can also be embroidered. Fabrics are pure silk twill (texture strong), plain plain crepe satin (smooth and soft), pure cotton, polyester four.

What is the process of tie customization?
After these factors are determined, the designer begins to design. After the design is completed, the next is to communicate the details.

What is the process of tie customization?
Since it is designed and made separately, it takes a long time, about 10-20 days. If you need to make a sample first, the same is true for the sample making time. After finishing the sample making, you can first see how the tie is, and then decide whether to place the next bulk order.

The price of Silk Tie made in China is related to the complexity of design, fabric and technology. Of course, quality and price are certainly matched.


Post time: Jun-14-2022