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Released in 2013, the movie "The Great Gatsby" is based on the middle-grade novel of the same name by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald.


The film depicts the paper-thin and empty life of the American high society in the 1920s. The look of the film has the characteristics of the 1920s style, but also more into the modern aesthetic, trying to reproduce the 20s New York in the most modern way.


// Infatuated Gatsby's rich look//
The story of Gatsby through their own struggle out of the poor family situation, the achievement of an ordinary people can not imagine the height. He is extremely well-dressed, always maintaining an elegant upper-class posture, elaborate formal wear and each set of formal wear with a tie, bow tie, so that he is in the upper class as a real nobleman.


In order to recreate the dress code of the high society in the 1920s, Gatsby was mostly seen in a three-piece suit with a tie, bow tie and square scarf.As many fashion bloggers should know, much of the finish of fashion is done with accessories. Each set of Gatsby's formal wear has a different tie going on to make a nice decoration and draw our eyes.


In addition, there is a more casual and fashionable outfit, Gatsby will also add an extra suspenders outside of the shirt, enough to show the unique details of the 20s menswear fashion. The daisy engraved monogram ring on his hand and the cufflinks of his shirt engraved with his name (JG) show the exquisite high fashion everywhere.

// Good man Nick interpreted tweed suit + vest pure good model//
Nick Carraway, the only person in the story who treats Gatsby with sincerity, is no less fashionable than the other two heroes, and one of the most obvious style points is Nick's tweed suits, from camel and navy to tweed gray, which he manages with ease.


At the same time, the lapel pins that were characteristic of 1920s menswear were everywhere on his body, and Nick added a waist chain to his vest whenever he wore it, whether or not he wore a suit over it.

// Unscrupulous wealthy businessmen interpret England's old-school high society//
Tom is a rich family but rude manner of the dude, in the choice of suits, Tom is always a dark three-piece suit, and very like to wear a lapel style vest in the suit. Sunglasses, riding boots and straw hats are the most distinctive features.


Compared to Gatsby and Nick, Tom rarely wears a bow tie, mostly in the form of a tie, but also to distinguish his age from other male characters in the play. He likes to take off his suit and wear only a vest in the room, which makes him look slightly more comfortable and not too casual, in the choice of shoes, Tom choose crimson leather shoes, which not only makes him look very eye-catching, but also highlights the identity of his big capitalist.

A high quality 100% silk tie or velvet bow tie, with different formal wear can play a role in the character of the character echo, after reading this article, you understand the key to men's fashion? Yes, that is the choice and matching of ties, bow ties, pocket square, cufflink and other accessories.

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