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1. Black, white bow tie custom tie manufacturers

Black classic goes with everything. Generally, custom tie manufacturers the groom’s more classic dress match is a black suit with a white shirt or a white suit with a white shirt. Choose black tie match, play the role of the finishing touch


2. Color matching bow tie custom tie manufacturers


Patched-color bow ties are more varied and layered than solid-color bow ties, and the style is more fashionable.


The groom


Opt for a sensible grey with black, or a patchwork blue with black bow tie


3. Plaid bow tie


The grid element is very classic and elegant color is very good to match, it is best to match the same color of the suit jacket effect is best, pay attention to the pattern of the grid can not be too complicated, otherwise it will dominate


4. Print bow tie


Romantic and complicated printing is used to foil the groom’s noble temperament on the bow tie. If you choose printing, you can simplify the style of the suit and other accessories


5. Solid color bow tie


Solid colors are clean and can often be combined with details in a shirt or suit


Tie Matching Rules


1. Wear a black suit, a white shirt or a light shirt, and a tie in gray, blue, or green


2. Dark blue suit with blue, carmine, orange tie, white and bright blue shirt


3. Grey suit, can be worn with grey, green, yellow and brick tie, wear white mainly light shirt


4. Brown suit, with dark brown, gray, green, yellow tie, white, gray, silver, and bright brown shirt


5. Blue suit with dark blue, grey, yellow and brick tie, pink, cream yellow, silver grey and bright blue shirt

Post time: Oct-22-2022