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Although very popular. “, but in the eyes of the fastidiously Old English, legion ties are not to be misused unless you know exactly which legion you belong to (e.g. your father was in it, or you are an honorary member)

You’re not allowed to bring anything with you. Silk Tie supplier But if they do, only lawyers, civil servants and politicians regard it as a daily symbol, which is an invisible subculture. So in Hong Kong, if you give an old gentleman who works in the British government a striped tie, he will probably be surprised. And the same heraldic effect also exists in scarves and scarves. If you take a look at Harry Potter, the scarves of the four major colleges are different colors and patterns. In Britain, the departments of famous universities almost all have different striped scarves to distinguish them. F. Large and small dots are suitable for formal occasions. Small dots are suitable for less formal casual occasions. This is a Bordeaux dot, a regular arrangement of dots.Silk Tie supplier


As for the formality of the tie, I personally think it is arranged in the following descending powers: plain tie, large polka dot tie, polka dot tie, Paisley pattern, geometric pattern tie, legion tie, American striped tie, small dot tie. 4. What problems should we pay attention to in the purchase of ties? That’s too big a question. I’ll answer it in simplified form. Business men should wear a tie: plain color, polka dots and large polka dots are preferred. Standard 100% mulberry silk is the basic choice, of course, are generally not 100% mulberry silk, because ordinary silk ties have wool or hemp lining inside. Really want to play boutique file, choose the whole silk 7 fold 7 fold (there are 6 fold,11 fold, but the most authentic or 7 fold as standard), that is, without lining, with a silk scarf folded. The difference is very good. You can see it when you turn it over. (Paisley Spiral below)

7 pleats are not expensive, Taobao hundreds of pieces can be ordered. Silk Tie supplier When it comes to tie brands, Taobao brands, no matter who just works for the party: Brooks Brother doesn’t know much about the party but has the rice party: Versace, Armani, Hugo Boss all the luxury men’s wear brands pay attention to the party: Brioni, Stefano Ricci, Zegna, Hermes,Ferragamo are all about party: Stefano Ricci Hermes et al. 7 fold combined with personal use, general serious push Brooks Brohter, better than Armani, Hugo Boss, and cheaper. The business party goes straight to Ferragamo, sincerely said that silk weaving technology can be compared with Hermes, really exquisite, let’s have a Stefano Ricci, this is the king of ties. As for pocket towels, white linen is preferred and can be worn with any suit, both casual and formal. If you are not an entertainer, solid color is preferred. Blue and red are optional in addition to white. Pocket scarves can be used with or without a tie. Pocket handkerchiefs should not be replaced with handkerchiefs. Silk pocket scarves are usually only worn with blazer or sport jacket for casual occasions.

As for how to tie a tie and fold a pocket towel, men should do it themselves. There are countless tutorials on Baidu. Forgive me for going straight to the Internet and not zooming out. The above is the main text, the following should be a warm request to continue the twenty years of monograph Mr. Rui Chenggang’s career unwavering. Keep in mind, folks, that the tie should never go as far below the belt as Mr. Ray did — Retro styles can go a little higher than the belt to a fist position, but now the standard is to tip the belt near the buckle, or at the top of the waistband.

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