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A high-end silk tie, and you want to save that much? custom bow ties This idea of extreme industrialization is deeply despised by you and me. The inside of a tie is a matter of face, so designers are wary of offering something a little more sophisticated than ordinary silk ties — all-silk ties: custom bow ties the fabric and lining are made entirely of silk, often of the same color, to the satisfaction of those pretentious customers.

All silk tie because inside and outside all real silk, so in line with the “visible place needs to use natural materials” such hard taste requirements, where the big brand, the sale of good ties are all real silk. Well, you should know by now what the threshold of taste is.custom bow ties

And then, when that was over, a clever master contrived something even more extravagant.


The seven-fold technology of pure silk is a necktie making method based on the structure of scarf and bow tie. A single piece of silk fabric is folded seven times to create a tie structure like origami, with no individual lining. Mom doesn’t worry about me buying a tie with polyester lining anymore.

The seven-fold method is very fabric intensive, with nearly a yard of silk used for a single tie. The end of the tie is rolled up, and hand-stitched, relatively spliced common tie practice, naturally much more expensive. Rich decorative textiles, such as jacquard or duchesse satin, are often used on sevenfold ties.

Light consumption, manual, exquisite, can not fully explain the seven stacks of tall, there are some brands for its endorsement.

The heptage process is rarely seen in ordinary brands, and only used by high-end luxury brands such as Burberry, Dunhill, etc. (it seems to be rare now, having faded to pure silk).

In addition to these luxury brands, there are also handmade brands that use the seven-fold process. These brands may be very niche, such as Passagio, an Italian handmade tie brand, which does not have finished products but only makes custom ties. All ties are made by hand, and the process of finishing a tie is claimed to take two months. Charvet, a French brand of bespoke shirts, also uses the seven-fold process for ties.

That’s enough to say: Stacks of seven, the fighter of ties.

Post time: Nov-02-2022