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Uncle in suspenders! Cowboy dress up for the old man added a lot of tough guy breath. A date red bow tie makes suspenders and shirts look playful and stylish.china custom ties


In a word, men can not handsome, but must have their own dress sense! Every man can be a gentleman, china custom tiesthrough a small bow tie with the right match, their temperament, taste, fashion sense to pass out!


If you’re single and don’t have anyone to help you tie your bow before you go out, learn how to tie a bow tie in a butterfly or butterfly shape.china custom ties


The bow tie or bow tie is suitable for formal or advanced occasions, but the bow tie/bow tie is more difficult to tie than the normal tie, and it takes a lot of practice to get the right shape.


Men bow tie


Let’s say you’re right-handed. The images below are all mirror images, meaning that if you could stand in front of a mirror and tie a bow tie, you would see the following images.


Men bow tie Men bow tie


1. Vary the length of the tie (if desired). Large bows require a longer tie.


2. One end of the tie should be several inches longer than the other, and the long end should be placed on your right.


3. Cross the long end over the other end.


4. Flip the long end under the short end and out of the middle.


5. Fold the short end.


6. Cover the long end over the short end.


7. Fold the long end.


8. Insert the long end into the loop behind the short end, then gently pull both ends to tighten the bow tie/bow tie.

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