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This is a very big question, and I can only answer it as far as I know. 1. What are the differences between the uses of ties, neck scarves and bow ties? In order to make sure that the definition is correct, I communicated with the questioner that the above refers to tie, scarf, bow tie. Silk Tie supplier To put it simply: Tie: suitable for any occasion during the day with a suit and shirt, as well as at night when not particularly formal use. Neck scarf: Scarf The scarf, or scarf, which is shown in the shirt below, began as a simplified version of the morning dress in place of the old-fashioned neckwear such as a Stock tie, and gradually developed into an alternative for the upper classes in place of a tie and bow tie. It was Silk Tie supplier very popular until the sixties, but is rarely used today. Generally limited to entertainment, cultural, in short, there is a literary style bar, rarely used in business occasions.

But there is another cravat, a very retro French scarf that is currently only used with a morning dress. This stuff is tricky, because you need a needle to fix the shape, and a silk one won’t do ten times at most. So it’s consumable.Silk Tie supplier

Tie: There are two common uses, one is a white tie or black tie that can be used with a dress, and one is a bow tie that can be used with any shirt (well, not strictly casual or American shirts), which is usually used by professionals, that is, what we call the three masters (lawyers, doctors, doctors) and politicians, That’s why former Chief Executive Donald Tsang was nicknamed “Hotpot”. It is generally believed that when business people wear a bow tie to attend, it is more formal than a tie. Except if it’s a cute, colorful bow tie.

2. What are the classifications of the tie itself (such as by shape, by material, by grain, etc.)? This question is too big. The necktie has a history of development, and it has been in countless forms since it appeared. Let’s just talk about the modern, common, long business tie. Generally according to the material is divided into polyester, silk, knitting three. Polyester should not theoretically be considered a tie of choice. Pure silk is divided into pure silk and linen or wool lining two kinds, the former luxury, the latter daily. Knitted tie generally refers to wool, is a kind of tie worn when sports, of course, you will say sports also wear what tie beard! But in the past, riding a bike was considered a sport. Now, knitted ties are usually used for leisure and young people.


In the form of wide, narrow two kinds. The Paisley spiral, one of the oldest patterns, has become one of two extremes, either very formal or very dandy. B, polka dot is the best choice for business people, but regular, stable characteristics C, plain tie is suitable for any occasion D, geometric patterns are suitable for formal and casual occasions, but generally look at the content of the pattern, too PUPPY can only be casual. E, British twill and American twill British called legion style, American is a different invention. In Asia, there is a widespread misconception that the striped tie is a formal tie. In fact, the official name of the English striped tie is the “legion tie”. Its color, wide and thin grain, like the coat of arms, is used to represent different armies

The regiment. So the old British wear different striped ties, the role of the past is to distinguish their origins. Later, as the United States was a British colony and the officials who ran the United States were mostly military officers, many people thought that

Because of the impression that “striped ties are worn by people in power”, striped ties are popular in the United States, and the upper left and lower right ties, if I remember correctly, seem to be BB’s own exclusive launch. For now, striped ties

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