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IMG_09741. Silk tie

Superior ties must be made of 100% silk, once you touch it, you will immediately fall in love with the soft and delicate feeling. Its color also looks more natural and soft, which is the polyester and other synthetic fabrics can not be compared.

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2. Printing process

Traditional English hand printing is dyeing and printing, which is a kind of processing method of dyeing the base color first and then printing the pattern on silk fabrics. Because it is a manual operation, the effect of each technician will be different, and the same technician will make a slightly different one every time.

3.45 degree bias cutting

In order to determine whether a tie is cut diagonally, you can do a stretch test, in which there are two measurement indicators: pull along the vertical direction it should be stretchable in this direction, and pull along the 45 degree direction, it should not stretch at all

4. Skip stitch

If you turn over the back of the tie after the folding part found a coil, do not mistake it is not good quality, it must be folded on the reverse side of the tie on both sides, the inner village through, but not the front also sewn on, more test technician’s hand work, sewing machine is also very difficult to do

5. Reinforcement knot

On the back of the tie, there is a horizontal sleeve knot, which can be sewn together like a stapler on both sides of the tie fold, its main function is to reinforce the jumping stitch to ensure the stability of the tie.

6. Multi-fold style

Good ties are folded with a whole cloth, not with a thousand pieces sewn together, so the biggest difference between the two is that the folded ties basically can not see the traces of stitching


7. Lining

High-grade ties are usually made of hemp or wool lining, so that the wrinkles can be smoothed out more quickly after the tie is untied. Ordinary ties are lined with cotton.

8. Lining or not

Hanging lining means adding another layer of lining on the back of the tie, which is used to cover the back side of the tie fabric that is exposed due to folding.

IMG_08249. Ease of movement

In the case of excluding special fabrics, lace-up ties are heavier and therefore drape better than non-lace-up ones. At all times, a lace-up tie stays honestly on the chest and looks very stable.

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