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Balzac, the father of French novels, once said, a tie is a man's letter of introduction. The tie is a very good jewelry for men, just like a woman's evening dress, as important, the man with the tie will involuntarily raise his head, showing a man's responsibility and charm.
In the early 19th century, men wore mostly all-black or all-white linen ties and liked to show their personality and preferences depending on the tie. But it can be said that silk ties are not practical and very difficult for ordinary people to obtain. However, with the invention of the textile machine in 1801, this problem was solved. People could weave silk ties with small patterns and produce them quickly in large quantities. Thus, Chinese silk threads and vegetable dyes from other countries quickly opened the door to global sales.
In 1880, Oxford University rowing club boys a whim to bring on the straw hat ribbon tied behind the neck, so it became popular so-called feudal society, it also makes the twill tie became the representatives of the gentlemen, loved by the public, and the mighty men also like through the chest of white silk tie to show his status and achievements.

The great advance in necktie construction began in 1924, when necktie makers in New York turned the silk 45 degrees before cutting it, allowing it to stretch and increase its toughness. By the 1950s and 1960s, the width of the tie had been reduced to less than 2 inches, and in the 1980s, the narrow tie was retro, even as narrow as a shoelace, and there were also ties made of leather. The narrow tie was more popular and less limited than the wide one.
During this period, a variety of tie styles emerged, all of which corresponded to people of different status and status, which also showed that European gentlemen were not willing to unify the monotonous style. Due to the modern silk technology, the tie was more conducive to the collocation of different shapes and fully displayed the elegant demeanor of men.

Nowadays, men are no longer forced to wear something that distinguishes them from others. Instead, they know how to use different ties to show their charm. It can be said that men who wear ties have more charm that makes women crazy.

In the past, most Silk products were only limited to women's clothing, such as the most typical Cheongsam. However, we did not know that Silk civilization, as an important part of China's 5,000-year history and cultural inheritance, Silk Tie made in China also has a profound influence on men.
From the dragon robe of the emperor of ancient China, when only the emperor could wear it and anyone else could be found hiding in their home would be punished, to the tie of the 19th century, silk permeated Western culture more than anyone else.

In modern times, almost all the Silk ties made in China are pure Silk products, and the patterns are more diverse. Every man has his own Tie, and some even collect ties specially. Silk Tie made in China has become a historical culture of the world. China's silk culture will have a long history. When we appreciate foreign culture, whether we are deeply shocked by Chinese culture, when we Silk Tie made in China whether our speech and spirits will change, maybe this is the inspiration of Oriental charm to us!


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