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First, the sense of senior, good ties will naturally use silky soft texture of senior silk material;


Second, the tie knot is full and three-dimensional;Necktie factory


Determining these two points is the biggest difference between a good tie and a bad tie: the fabric and the lining.


Tie fabric

The fabric of the poor tie is generally polyester (imitation silk), and hard luster and not natural, good tie will use silk, of course, silk also has good or bad points, the most important thing is to feel smooth not dry not loose, and the fabric is not thick looks not stiff;



Tie lining

The lining is more professional, the lining is Necktie factory the skeleton of the tie, the shape of the tie and whether the knot is three-dimensional and full, which is directly related to the quality of the lining. A good lining should be thin, soft and strong toughness, easy to knot but able to restore the original state.Necktie factory

In order to compare the lining in the tie, I tore open the tie bought with a huge amount of money. At first glance, if you look closely, you can obviously see that the shirt on the left is thinner and tighter, and the lining on the right is thicker and looser.


The lining of Drake’s tie is different from the previous one. Although it looks thick and soft, the knot is full enough and three-dimensional.


This is difficult to judge for ordinary people, teach you one of the simplest way, is to tie a tie knot to try, can achieve the desired effect, experience is not very easy to play a full inverted triangle three-dimensional tie knot

Post time: Oct-12-2022