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Jacquard Ponte Fabric tie is often the finishing touch of a man's outfit and helps him stand out from the crowd. A good Jacquard Ponte Fabric tie should match your physique and dress style. Pay attention to the length and width of your tie - the tie should be no wider than 3-3.75 inches (7.5-9.5 cm) wide and should be long enough to fit your belt buckle.
Width of Jacquard Ponte Fabric tie

In addition to your own body shape, make sure the width of your tie matches the size of the lapel of your blazer. For a mature look, choose a semi-solid or light patterned tie with a solid suit. If you want to stand out, wear a shirt with a bold colored tie.
The width of the tie

The key to the width of a patterned tie is to make sure that the pattern doesn't clash with the pattern on the suit (stripes, not stripes on top of stripes).

Many men are sometimes required to wear a tie, but are unsure how to choose one. There are some men who wear shirts and ties that look good apart, but don't look good together, which is wrong and makes a bad first impression. But knowing the rules makes choosing a tie color less of a headache and increasingly easier.

Tie color

Nowadays, it is popular to match solid colors in uniform. If you want to be fashionable, try shirts and ties in the same color. In this type of pairing, the tie should be darker than the shirt, but they can be exactly the same color.

Men's casual tie is a mark, indicating formal, composed, wearing a suit, wearing a fashionable tie, not only let a person shine, but also give a person a kind of elegant gentleman. Many people can wear ties, but where should a good length be?

Men's casual tie

A lot of people probably don't understand that either. In general, a casual tie should be at the top of the belt. Usually just past the navel, that's when a guy looks like he's wearing the right tie. Natural integration of children to match, but also to match the actual effect.


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