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A double knot is a double knot Silk Tie made in china


1: A delicate tie with a double loop knot can create a sense of fashion. Suitable for young office workers. Tips: The tie to complete the characteristics of the first circle will be slightly exposed in the second circle, do not deliberately to cover up.


A double crossknot Silk Tie made in china

1: Double cross knot is easy to reflect the gentleman’s elegant and solemn temperament, suitable for formal events. The tie should be more used in plain color and silk tie, if matched with a large lapel shirt not only suitable and a sense of dignity. Tips: Wide edge from the first circle and the second circle between wear out, complete assembly full.


Three: Cross kont


1: This is the tie playing method suitable for monochrome simple and elegant material and thin tie. For men who like to show a sense of fashion may wish to use more “cross knot”. The cross knot is characterized by a split line, suitable for plain color and thin tie, feel very stylish. Tips: Pay attention to the steps to tie is back facing forward.


-Blair: No, I don’t have a Windsor knot


1: Windsor knot is named after the Duke of Windsor tie knot, is the most orthodox way to tie a tie. The shape forms an equilateral triangle, full and powerful, and works well with wide-necked shirts. The build-up should be more horizontal. Should avoid material too thick tie, assembly also do not play too large. Tips: Wide edge reserved first longer space, around the belt when loose, tight can affect the size of tie knot.


5: A piain knot


1: almost suitable for all kinds of material ties. When finished, the tie is made in an oblique triangle shape, Silk Tie made in china suitable for narrow collared shirts. Tips: The wide side in the picture on the left hand side, can also change the right hand side to play; In the case of a “man’s dimple”, try to make both sides even and symmetrical.


Six: thefour-inohand knot


1: The most accessible of all the bow ties, suitable for a variety of styles of romantic series of shirts and ties. The knot can be tied in four steps, hence the name “four-handed knot”. It is the most convenient way to tie a tie, suitable for narrow width tie, with narrow collar shirt, casual style, suitable for ordinary occasions. Tips: similar flat knot.


Seven: For business men


Know how to tie a variety of ways, let men look elegant gentleman more attractive, the above six kinds of tie way graphic tutorial, after learning to let you tie change the shape of hundreds of changes.

Post time: Sep-27-2022