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First, the style of tie


The style of the tie, namely its shape and appearance. Generally speaking, it has width and narrowness, Silk Tie made in china which is mainly influenced by fashion. When choosing, you should pay attention to the best way to make the width of the tie proportional to the width of your body, but not too much contrast. It also has the distinction of an arrowhead and a crew-cut. The former lower end is inverted triangle, applicable to various occasions, more traditional. The latter lower end crewcut, more fashionable, more suitable for informal occasions.Silk Tie made in china


Two, the way of tie


When wearing a tie, you should pay more attention to the knot method, the length of the tie, the position of the tie and the accessories of the tie, so that it is possible to tie the tie perfectly.


(1) The knot of the tie Silk Tie made in china


The key to a good tie is how well the knot is tied. There are three tricks to tying a tie knot. First, it is to play it straight, crisp, the appearance of an inverted triangle. Second, it is possible to tighten the bow tie, deliberately under the pressure of a nest or a ditch to make it look beautiful and natural. Third, the specific size of the tie knot can not be completely independent, but should be roughly proportional to the size of the shirt collar worn at the same time. To be clear, a tie should not be worn when wearing a stand collar shirt, and a bow is appropriate when wearing a wing collar shirt.


(2) The length of the tie


A daily tie for adults, usually about 130-150 cm long. When the tie is finished, the outside should be slightly longer than the inside. The standard length should be such that the bottom reaches just above the belt buckle. In this way, when the jacket is buttoned up, the lower end of the tie will not be “peeking” out from under the skirt, of course, the tie should not be too short, do not let it jump out from the skirt. For this reason, it is not recommended to choose “one pull” tie or “one set” tie which is difficult to adjust its length on formal occasions.


(3) The position of the tie


Once the tie is tied, it should be placed in its customary position. When wearing a suit jacket, the tie should be between the suit jacket and the shirt under the button. When wearing a suit vest, sweater, wool vest, the tie should be between them and the shirt. Wear cardigan, more – this situation is not normal, it is best not to appear, tie should be placed on the inside of the sweater and shirt, don’t let escape tie suit jacket, or in a suit jacket and waistcoat, woolen sweater, cashmere sweater, wool vest, more don’t let it between two pieces of woolen sweater.


(4) necktie accessories


When wearing a tie, in general, there is no need to use any accessories. When the breeze comes and you walk quickly, letting the tie flutter gently is very good for men to add some natural and handsome. Sometimes, or in order to reduce the inconvenience caused by the arbitrary movement of the tie in the action, or in order not to hinder my work, action, can be used as appropriate tie wear. The basic role of tie accessories is to fix the tie, followed by decoration. Common necktie accessories include tie clips, tie pins and tie sticks. They are used in different positions, but not at the same time, only one of them can be used at a time. Choose tie accessories, should consider metal products, and requirements for plain color, shape and pattern to be elegant, simple.


The tie clip is used to hold the tie to the shirt, so it should not be used only to hold the tie or to clip the collar of the jacket. Use the tie clip in the correct position, between the fourth and fifth button of the shirt from the top down. It’s best not to let it show after you button your blazer. If the clip too much up, or even in the chicken neck sweater or suit vest collar opening, is very rustic.


Tie pin, mainly used to pin the tie on the shirt, and play a certain decorative role. One end of the pattern should be outside the tie, the other end is a thin chain, should be protected from exposure. When used, it should be pinned to the center of the tie at the third button from the top of the shirt. The patterned side should be seen by outsiders. Be careful, however, not to mistake a tie pin for a collar pin.


Tie rod, used primarily when wearing button-down shirts, to pass through the tie and attach it to the collar of the shirt. Using a tie stick, if done correctly, will make the tie look elegant and less troublesome on formal occasions.


In short, when using necktie accessories, prefer not to use, also do not mess with.

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