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The necktie is something every man loves or hates. Just choosing the color pattern can be a headache, and there are different ways to tie a tie. So, today we will look at how to tie a tie on different occasions.silk scarves factory



I. Formal business occasions silk scarves factory


Business occasions are generally more formal and serious, reflecting their maturity and poise,


1. Windsor Knot


The Windsor knot is a symmetrical, large tie knot, named after the Duke of Windsor.


It is formed into a left-right triangle, full and powerful, giving people a sense of dependable, credible, mature and sedate, suitable for matching wide collar shirts.


It is suitable for thin tie. If the knot is too thick, the knot will be very big and it will look bulky



2. Double cross knot


This way of tying the knot will be more atmospheric, now this way of tying has been relatively rare, it is the best way to show dignity. Such a bow tie is easy to make people have a kind of elegant and solemn feeling. Wear it with a thick dress shirt.


Suitable for plain silk tie.



Second, daily commuting


In daily work, if the unit has requirements, also need to wear a suit and tie, but not as formal as business occasions.


1. Half Windsor knot


A symmetrical tie knot, smaller than a Windsor knot and less dignified than a Windsor knot, a half Windsor knot is suitable for most collars and occasions.


Suitable for a thinner, thinner tie



2, flat knot


Is the most commonly used tie, can also be said to be the most classic tie, this tie is not very symmetrical, generally in a diagonal triangle.


Ties of all materials are suitable



Three, leisure occasions


1. Four-handed knot


This method is the easiest of all bowties to use, and it gives people a sense of openness, masculine energy and enthusiasm. Suitable for more casual occasions, bow tie is not too symmetrical, tapered.



2. Cross knot


For men who like to show a sense of fashion, the knot has a clear dividing line, the “dimple” of the tie will be deeper, suitable for a more fashionable shirt.


Suitable for thin tie of monochrome material



3. Double loop knot


With a sense of fashion, many young men like to play. The characteristics of the tie finish is that the first circle will be slightly exposed outside the second circle, do not deliberately to cover up


More suitable for narrow ties



Third, the wedding


1. Prince Albert Knot


Highlight GIVES BRIGHT INDIVIDUAL FASHION, MORE WITH POINTY GET AND ROMANTIC BUCKLE GET TO ADD UPPER BODY CONTOUR LINE, FOIL SIMPLE SENSE. The tie looks a little inclined, the bow tie is more solid, in the formal there is a romantic.


Suitable for soft tie.



2. Romantic knot


To be frank, straightforward, confident, with a strong sense of self – advocacy. The shape is well-proportioned and the tie line is straight and graceful.


Suitable for silk ties, or ties with polka dots.



There are many ways to tie a tie, and the way to tie a tie on different occasions is also exquisite. Tie this kind of thing can’t be worried. You need to practice more to make a perfect bow tie.

Post time: Oct-14-2022