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It is said that "Necktie made in China is the soul of a business suit". Yes, when wearing a business suit, the most eye-catching thing is usually not the suit itself but the Necktie, therefore, it is not the Necktie made in China. The tie is also known as the "finishing touch" of a suit. A suit, especially one worn without a tie, tends to overshadow the suit. It is a Necktie made in China. It is the choice, style and precautions of Necktie making in China.
First, the choice of tie
The style of the tie is its shape and appearance. Generally speaking, it is wide and narrow, mainly influenced by fashion trends. When choosing a tie, it should be noted that the width of the tie is directly proportional to the width of his body, rather than the contrast is too large. The necktie and the difference between the arrow and the flat head should also be selected.
In terms of color, ties are monochrome and multicolor. Monochrome ties are suitable for official functions and grand social occasions, and dark blue, gray, black, brown, white and Burgundy are the most popular. Multicolor ties generally should not exceed three colors, can be used for various occasions. Colorful ties are not widely used, and only in informal social situations or casual situations can they be used without controversy.
The fabric
The most high-grade and authentic necktie is made of silk fabric. Except silk. Nylon west material can also make ties, but its grade is lower. Ties made of other materials such as cotton, linen, wool, leather, etc., are mostly not suitable for formal occasions.
The tie used for formal occasions, its pattern should be regular, traditional, the most common horizontal bar, vertical bar, dot, square and regular broken flowers. Ties with people, animals, plants, flowers, houses, landscapes, weird and mysterious patterns are only suitable for informal occasions. Do not use ties with advertisements, group logos or family insignia.
Two, tie matters needing attention
The length of the
The standard length of a tie should be right in the middle of the belt buckle. In this way, when the jacket to wear the button, the lower end of the tie will not be from the bottom of the skirt "poked head" to show the majestic. Of course, do not tie too short, do not let it jump out of the front of the shirt. After tying the tie, do not tuck the end into the waistband, which is unsightly.
Once you have your jacket buttoned, place your tie between your jacket and shirt. When wearing a vest, sweater, cashmere sweater, or wool vest, the tie should be between them and the shirt. When wearing multiple cardigans (and it's best not to do this), tuck your tie between the innermost cardigan and the shirt. Don't let the tie spill over the blazer, or between the blazer and vest, sweater, cashmere sweater, or wool vest, or even between two cardigans.
Tie style
Tie is shirt innate collocation relatives and friends, can enrich administrative levels feeling not only, can give foil from tonal and integral style more, it is the necessary sheet that ascend high grade male person tastes. In order to improve the decoration effect of the tie to a full score, master the corresponding tie tie is like the finishing touch, is the basic skill to improve the style of life. Common tying methods include Prince Albert knot (tying method has few steps, and will not fill the neckline with too large tie, causing the visual impression of bloated and airtight) Windsor knot (tying method is more complicated, but the advantage is that you can freely control the shape and size of the tie knot, so that the neckline space is fully stuffed. To create a capable and straightforward elite style), romantic knot (tie tie shape is well-balanced, straight and beautiful, easy to leave a good impression of neat and rigorous).


Post time: Jun-15-2022